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A Subdivision of Northshore Fire Protection District Services


The goal of this program is to create defensible space around any infrastructure. This county wide chipping program is modeled after the South Lake Fire Safe Council chipping program. Thanks to their successful program, the rest of the county benefits from their experience. The project is administered by CLERC, implemented by the Hogback Ridge Fuels Crew and supported by Lake County Firewise Communities. A true Lake County collaboration!


For more information or to sign up for Chipping with the Northshore Fire Protection District, please click the button below!


Fuels Reduction Services

The Hogback Fuels Crew will clear brush and fuels from risk identified areas and potentially conduct prescribed burns where appropriate within the County. The Fuels Crew can take over mop-up on incidents allowing for EMS/FF personnel to be released from scenes quicker to respond to medical calls. In addition, the Hogback Ridge Crew can be hired for clearing brush and fuel mitigation projects for community members within the Northshore Fire Protection District and throughout Lake County. Complete the form below to start the site review process and get a quote. The Hogback Ridge Fuels Crew has been a division of the Northshore Fire Protection District since 2022 and is funded only through major donor sponsorships, grants funding, and partnerships with Lake County Organizations. This has also made it possible to have this team capable of supporting fuels reduction projects for individuals of the Northshore Fire District and the greater Lake County area.

Tall Trees

Request site review for a free quote

Please contact us if you are looking to clear or expand your home defensible space.  The Hogback Ridge Fuels Crew, is available for hire for Fuels Reduction Projects that you might have at your home.

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