The Northshore Fire Protection District covers 350 square miles in the whole Highway 20 corridor within Lake County. This includes but is not limited to the north shore communities of Spring Valley, Clearlake Oaks, Glenhaven, Paradise Cove, Kono Tayee, Lucerne, Nice, Upper Lake and Blue Lakes.


The Northshore Fire Protection District recognizes the County of Lake as the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) for the California Fire Code and all life safety related codes. The Northshore Fire Protection District is not the AHJ within the Fire District for code, permit and or inspection processes. The Leadership, Application and Interpretation by action of the Lake County Board of Supervisors of the Fire Code is clear. Specifically, that the Lake County Chief Building Official is also the Lake County Fire Marshall that includes all of the Northshore Fire Protection District:


Lake County Code, Chapter 5


Sec. 5-4F. - Adoption of California Fire Code.


4F.1 That certain Fire Code and Appendix A, known and designated as the 2019 California, Fire Code, as based on the 2018 International Fire Code which is published by the International Code Council (ICC), is hereby adopted and enacted as the Fire Code of the County of Lake, and is made a part of this chapter by reference, with the same force and effect as if fully set forth herein.


4F.2 [The California Fire Code is hereby modified as follows:]


(a)  Chapter 1 section 1.11,2.1 Enforcement. The Chief Building Official authorized to administer and enforce this code.


  • The Northshore Fire Protection District does not review, sign, stamp or collect any fee’s related to Building or Solar plans, permits, inspections or sign offs.


  • The Northshore Fire Protection District only involvement is to collect Mitigation Fee’s per direction of the Lake County Board of Supervisors.

Lake County Code, Chapter 27


Section 27-1 to 27-13 – Fire Mitigation Fee’s


Sec. 27-8. - Fire Mitigation Fee Ceiling Established.


(a)Based upon the average cost of providing a fully equipped fire station within the County of Lake, in relation to the average number of new structures served by said station, a Fire Mitigation Fee Ceiling of one dollar ($1.00) per square foot of construction for all covered roof area is hereby established.


Sec. 27-9. - Fee payment.


(a)Prior to the issuance of any building permit or other permit for Development, the applicant shall pay to the County the fees prescribed by the Fire Agency resolution as approved by the Board or shall present written evidence that the provisions of this Article have otherwise been satisfied with respect to the Development for which permits are sought.


(b)The amount of such fees shall be determined by the Fire Mitigation Fee in effect on the date of the payment of fees for an unexpired plan check.


(c)When application is made for a new building permit following the expiration of a previously issued building permit for which fees were paid, the fee payment shall not be required.


(d)In the event that subsequent Development occurs with respect to property for which fees have been paid, additional fees shall be required only for additional square footage of Development which was not included in computing the prior fee.


(e)For the purpose of payment of the fees to County, the Board delegates to each Agency the responsibility to collect or accept payment of the fees for each respective Agency.


  • This letter shall serve by proxy to all Lake County Community Development, Building and Safety Staff that no signature and marking of any kind are needed and or will be provided by the Northshore Fire Protection District,


  • Northshore Fire Protection District will provide Proof of Payment of Fire Mitigation Fee’s per the Board of Supervisors action in Chapter 27, Section 27-9, (e).



Mike Ciancio – Fire Chief