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Plan Ahead for Disasters!

Image of poster - 7 ways to reduce fire risk
Image of CalFire Evacuation Six Ps

Reflect to Protect

Seconds Count!

In an emergency, whether it’s a medical crisis or a house fire, minutes and seconds really do count.  Time matters.  Mere seconds can make a difference in whether a life is saved or a home is lost.


If you call 9-1-1, can our emergency responders find you?

Is your address clearly marked?  Is it visible day or night?   Those reflective numbers on your mail box… how many years have they been there?  Are they faded and peeling?


If you need help, can our emergency services find YOU? 

Visit your local fire department and order your new address sign today. Your safety is worth the investment!  The address signs are made in Lake County and will be installed by your local fire department.


Please don’t put it off.   It could save your life.

Seconds really do count.


Click here "Reflect to Protect Signs"  for order form.

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